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Privacy Policy

ARAS Developments FZE: Online Privacy Statement
The ARAS Developments Online Privacy Statement applies to ARAS Developments’ website and the websites of our affiliates that link to the Statement. This Statement is effective as of June 1st, 2013.  Your privacy is important to ARAS Developments; maintaining your trust is paramount to us. This Statement discloses the information practices for ARAS Developments, including what type of information is gathered and tracked, how the information is used and with whom the information is shared, and how cookies, web beacons and other technologies might be used.
This privacy statement applies to ARAS and ARAS Developments’ websites, microsites, digital marketing initiatives, services and products that collect data and display these terms, as well as associated offline product support services. It does not apply to ARAS Developments sites, services and products that do not display or link to this statement, or which have their own privacy statements. From time to time, in relation to a particular interaction we have with you, we might supplement this Statement with additional information without prior notice 
If you have questions or complaints regarding our privacy policy or practices, please contact ARAS Developments at the address listed below.
Cookies & similar technologies
The ARAS Developments site(s) use(s) "cookies", small text files that can be read by a web server in the domain that places the cookie on your hard drive. We might use cookies to: store your preferences and settings; help with sign-in; provide targeted ads, and analyse site operations. We also use web beacons to help deliver cookies and compile analytics. These might include third-party web beacons, which are prohibited from collecting your personal information.   On the device you use to access the Internet  you will have a variety of tools to control cookies and similar technologies, including browser controls to block and delete cookies, or you can opt out  from accepting cookies  altogether.
Information we collect
ARAS Developments collects many kinds of information in order to operate effectively and to provide you the best products, services and experiences we can. We collect information when you register, sign in and use our sites and services. We also might get information from other companies. We collect this information in a variety of ways, for instance via web forms, technologies like cookies, web logging and software on your computer or other device.
How we use your personal information
ARAS Developments uses the information we collect to operate, improve and personalise the products and services we offer.  We also might use the information to communicate with you, for example: informing you about relevant company news, promotions, events, customer service and marketing; corresponding with you for customer satisfaction surveys and market research, or in connection with certain transactions; to support products or services you have obtained from us, or in connection with a job application. Without your consent we will NOT disclose your personal information to any third parties besides ARAS Developments affiliates, partners and vendors. We might disclose information, for instance to ARAS Developments affiliates and vendors, under the following circumstances: when required by law or in response to a legal process, to combat fraud or protect our interest, or to protect lives.
Communication preferences
You can halt the delivery of future promotional email from ARAS Developments sites and services by following the specific instructions in the email you receive. Depending on the service in question, you might also have the option of proactively making choices about the receipt of promotional email, telephone calls, and postal mail relating to particular ARAS Developments sites or services.
Personal information
We collect your personal information for various purposes; for instance, to help us improve its overall accuracy and completeness – and to help us better tailor our interactions with you – we might combine the information we collect from you with information obtained from other sources . In addition, we might also collect information relating to your use of our websites; we will do this by means of various technologies, including cookies.
If you request something from ARAS Developments – for example, a product or service, a call-back, or specific marketing materials – we will use the information you provide in order to fulfil your request. To help us do this, we might share information with others – for instance, ARAS Developments' business partners, financial institutions, shipping companies, or postal or government authorities – involved in the fulfilment process. In connection with a transaction, we might also contact you as we carry out customer satisfaction surveys, or for market research purposes.
Personalising your experience on our websites
We might use information we collect about you to provide you with a personalised experience on our websites, such as providing you with content in which you might be especially interested and making navigation on our sites easier.
Providing support
We might use your personal information to support products or services you have obtained from us, such as notifying you of a product update or fix. We might also provide live chat sessions on our websites to assist you while you are navigating through them; we will use any personal information you provide in the course of these sessions in accordance with this Privacy Statement.
In the course of providing technical support to you, we might sometimes have incidental access to data that you have provided to us, or to data that is located on your system. This data might contain information about you, your organization’s employees, customers, partners, or suppliers. This Privacy Statement does not apply to our access to or handling of this information; the conditions regarding the handling and processing of that data are covered by the applicable Terms of Use or other agreements between you and ARAS Developments, such as the Terms of Use for Exchanging Diagnostic Data.
The information you provide to ARAS Developments, as well as the information we have collected about you indirectly, might be used by ARAS Developments for marketing purposes. Before we do so, however, we will offer you the opportunity to choose whether or not to have your information used in this way. You might at any time choose not to receive marketing materials from us by following the “unsubscribe” instructions included in each email you might receive, by indicating your preference when we call you, or by contacting us directly.
Some of our offerings might be co-branded, that is, sponsored by both ARAS Developments and third parties. If you sign up for these offerings, be aware that your information might also be collected by and shared with those third parties. We encourage you to familiarise yourself with their privacy policies to gain an understanding of the manner in which they will handle information about you. If you choose to “Email This Page” to a friend or colleague, we will ask for their name and email address. We will automatically send a one-time email sharing the page you indicated, but will not use that information for other purposes.
In connection with a job application or inquiry, whether advertised on an ARAS Developments’ website or otherwise, you might provide us with information about yourself, such as a résumé. We might use this information throughout ARAS Developments in order to address your inquiry or consider you for employment purposes. Unless you tell us not to do so, we might keep the information for future consideration.
Monitoring or recording of  telephone  calls, chats and other interactions
Certain online transactions might mean that you call us or that we call you. They might also involve online chats. Please be aware that it is ARAS Developments' general practice to monitor and in some cases record such interactions for staff training or quality assurance purposes, or to retain evidence of a particular transaction or interaction.
Social media
ARAS Developments also provides social media services on its websites to enable online sharing and collaboration among members who have registered to use them. These services include Twitter, Facebook, forums, wikis, blogs and other social media platforms, to name a few.  When downloading and using these applications, or registering to use these social computing tools, you might be asked to provide certain personal information. Registration information will be subject to and protected in accordance with this Privacy Statement, except for the information that is automatically made available to other participants as part of your profile. These applications and tools might also include supplemental privacy statements with specific information about collection and handling practices. Read those supplemental statements to understand what the tools and applications might do.
Any other content you post, such as pictures, information, opinions, or any other type of personal information that you make available to other participants on these social platforms or applications, is not subject to this Privacy Statement. Rather, such content is subject to the Terms of Use of those applications or platforms, and any additional guidelines and privacy information provided in relation to their use, as well as the process by which you can remove your content from such tools or obtain help in order to do so. Please refer to these texts in order to gain a better understanding of your, ARAS Developments', and other parties' rights and obligations with regard to such content. You should be aware that the content you post on any such social computing platforms might be made broadly available to others inside and outside ARAS Developments.
Protect the rights and property of ARAS Developments and others
We might also use or share your information to protect the rights or property of ARAS Developments, our business partners, suppliers, clients or others, in the event that we have reasonable grounds to believe that such rights or property have been or could be affected. In addition, we reserve the right to disclose your personal information as required by law, and when we believe that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, or the rights of others, or to comply with any judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process served on our websites.
Information for business partners
If you represent an ARAS Developments business partner, you might visit ARAS Developments websites intended specifically for ARAS Developments business partners. We might use information provided on that site to administer and develop our business relationship with you, the business partner you represent, and ARAS Developments business partners generally. For instance, this might involve using your information to send you details of ARAS Developments’ business partner programs. It might also entail sharing certain information with other business partners (subject to any confidentiality obligations that might exist), or ARAS Developments customers or prospects. In connection with a particular transaction or program, we might also contact you in the course of customer satisfaction surveys or for market research purposes.
Information for suppliers
If you represent an ARAS Developments supplier, you might visit ARAS Developments websites intended specifically for use by ARAS Developments suppliers. We might use the information provided on that site in connection with entering into or performing a transaction with you. For example, this might include sharing information with other parts of ARAS Developments, ARAS Developments' business partners, customers, shipping companies, financial institutions and postal or government authorities involved in fulfilment. It might also be used to administer and develop our relationship with you, the supplier you represent, and other ARAS Developments suppliers generally.

Sharing of personal information and international transfers
ARAS Developments has business processes, management structures and technical systems that cross borders. As such, we might share information about you within ARAS Developments and transfer it to countries in the world where we do business in connection with the uses identified above and in accordance with this Privacy Statement. Our Privacy Statement and our practices are designed to provide a globally consistent level of protection for personal information all over the world. This means that, even in countries whose laws provide for less protection for your information, ARAS Developments will still handle your information in the manner described here.
In some cases, ARAS Developments uses suppliers located in various countries to collect, use, analyse and otherwise process information on its behalf. It is ARAS Developments' practice to require such suppliers to handle information in a manner consistent with ARAS Developments' policies.
From time to time, we might disclose information – collected via our websites and identifying you at an individual level -- to other non-ARAS Developments entities that are not acting as our suppliers, such as our business partners. Except as described in this Privacy Policy, we will only do so with your prior consent. We do not sell or lease such information, however.
Circumstances might arise where, whether for strategic or other business reasons, ARAS Developments decides to sell, buy, merge or otherwise reorganise businesses in certain countries. Such a transaction might involve the disclosure of personal information to prospective or actual purchasers, or the receipt of such information from sellers. It is ARAS Developments’ practice to seek appropriate protection for information in these types of transactions.
Please be aware that in certain circumstances, personal information might be subject to disclosure to government agencies pursuant to judicial proceeding, court order, or legal process. We might also share your information to protect the rights or property of ARAS Developments, our business partners, suppliers or clients, and others when we have reasonable grounds to believe that such rights or property have been or could be affected.
Information security and accuracy
We intend to protect your personal information and to maintain its accuracy. ARAS Developments implements reasonable physical, administrative and technical safeguards to help us protect your personal information from unauthorised access, use and disclosure. For example, we encrypt certain sensitive personal information such as credit card information when we transmit such information over the Internet. We also require that our suppliers protect such information from unauthorised access, use and disclosure.
We will retain your registration information for as long as your account is active or as needed to provide you services. If you wish to request that we no longer use your registration information to provide you services, please contact us at the addresses/numbers below. We will retain and use your registration information as necessary to comply with our legal obligations, to resolve disputes, and to enforce our agreements.
Cookies, web beacons and other technologies
We collect information from your visits to our websites and your use of our SaaS offerings and our software products to help us gather statistics about usage and effectiveness, to personalise your experience, and to tailor our interactions with you. We do so through the use of various technologies, including one called "cookies".  Most browsers, by default, automatically permit cookies, but they also enable you to exercise control over the majority of cookies according to your preferences; this includes offering you the option of whether or not to accept cookies and explaining how to remove them. Look under the heading "Tools" (or similar heading) in your chosen browser for information about controlling cookies.
Some ARAS Developments Websites, SaaS offerings and software products might also use Web beacon or other technologies to better tailor those sites to provide better customer service. These technologies might be in use on a number of pages across ARAS Developments' websites. When a visitor accesses these pages, a non-identifiable notice of that visit is generated, which might be processed by us or by our suppliers. These Web beacons usually work in conjunction with cookies. If you don't want your cookie information to be associated with your visits to these pages or use of these products, you can set your browser to turn off cookies or you can turn off cookies in the product itself. If you turn off cookies, Web beacon and other technologies will still detect visits to these pages; however, they will not be associated with information otherwise stored in cookies.
We might also include Web beacons in marketing email messages or our newsletters in order to determine whether messages have been opened and links contained in the message/newsletter have been clicked on.

Some of our business partners set Web beacons and cookies on our site. In addition, third-party social media buttons might log certain information such as your IP address, browser type and language, access time, and referring Website addresses, and, if you are logged in to those social media sites, they might also link such collected information with your profile information on that site. We do not control these third-party tracking technologies.
Online advertising
ARAS Developments does not deliver third-party online advertisements on our websites but we advertise our products and services on others' websites, for instance on search engines. Please familiarise yourself with those website operators' or network advertisers' privacy policies to understand their practices relating to advertising, including what type of information they might collect about your Internet usage. ARAS Developments does not provide any information relating to your usage of ARAS Developments websites to website operators or network advertisers.
We have also engaged with certain third parties to manage some of our advertising on other sites. These third parties might use cookies and Web beacons to collect information (such as your IP address) about your activities on ARAS Developments' and others' websites to serve you targeted ARAS Developments advertisements based upon your interests.
Links to non-ARAS Developments websites and third-party applications
To allow you to interact with other websites on which you might have accounts (such as Facebook and other social media sites) or join communities on such sites, we might provide links or embed third-party applications that allow you to log in, post content or join communities from our websites. We might also provide you with general links to non-ARAS developments websites.
Your use of these links and applications is subject to the third parties’ privacy policies, and you should become familiar with the third-party sites' privacy policies before using the links or applications.

ARAS Developments is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of those other websites.

Notification of changes
We will post a notice for 30 days at the top of this page notifying users when this Privacy Statement is updated or modified in a material way. If we are going to use your personal information in a manner different from that stated at the time of collection, we will notify you, and you will have a choice as to whether or not we can use your personal information in such a way.
Privacy questions and access
If you have a question about this Privacy Statement or ARAS Developments' handling of your information, you can send an email via the contact form. You can also contact us Sunday to Thursday at:  ARAS Developments FZE, Warehouse EA06 | JAFZA | P.O. Box 61222 | Dubai - U.A.E.
Tel: +971 4 887 6602~3| Fax: +971 4 887 6618|
Before providing you with any information or correcting any inaccuracies, however, ARAS Developments might ask you to verify your identity and to provide other details to help us to respond to your request. 

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